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Is a Career at Americare Group Right for You?

On average, approximately 10,000 people in the United States turn 65 every single day, with most becoming eligible for Medicare for the first time. As this website explains, Medicare coverage alone leaves people with potentially high risk and many people choose to purchase a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan to pay for expenses approved but not paid by Medicare.

Americare Group is an agency staffed with professional, licensed insurance agents with expertise in helping people who contact us with Medicare and Medicare-related questions over the phone. We represent many of the top insurance companies serving this market and are able to help them find the best plans and shop for the best rates across most of the country.

The requirement we have for our agents is that they are dedicated to helping our customers; we do not tolerate high pressure sales - we don't need to resort to any of those tactics because, instead, we help educate our customers, discuss the best plan for their situation, then shop the major carriers to find the best deal.

We're looking for a certain type of person to become an Americare Group Sales Agent a person who is:

  1. Friendly and interested in helping people over the phone.
  2. Ready to answer calls from prospects seeking help and advice.
  3. Willing to take time to explain how Medicare work's and whats covered and what's not covered.
  4. Knowledgeable about the range of insurance coverage available and willing to learn from our trainers.
  5. Interested in helping customers find the best plan and the best rate available from among the many top companies we represent.
  6. Able to become a licensed professional and an expert on Medicare-related plans, based on dedication, study and testing.
  7. Not a high-pressure sales person.

Candidly, we have more leads than we can handle. The word is getting out that we are easy to work with, and our agents truly care about our customers. We're looking for good people who know how to serve their customers and develop long term relationships with them. If you're the kind of person we've described, please get in touch so we can talk further. The leads continue to pour in...

Americare® is an affiliate of American Enterprise Group, Inc, a financially strong organization with companies that have been doing business since 1929.

Benefit Offerings

We offer a wide array of benefit choices and opportunities to meet the individual needs of our diverse team members. Some of our offerings include:

Traditional Benefits

Work-Life Benefits

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Help from a Medicare Supplement professional is just a phone call away.

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  • Friendly, personal and unbiased assistance.
  • Help finding the Best Plan and Best Rate. Period.
  • From the many top companies we represent.
  • Absolutely no cost to you to work with us.