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The 4 Major Parts of Medicare.

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The 4 Major Parts of Medicare.

Parts A, B, C and D. Recent changes make it critical for you to understand the difference between coverage under each of the Parts of Medicare.

Here’s a quick summary:

1. Part A—is your Hospital Coverage.

This is an entitlement for most people and is provided without charge in most cases.

2. Part B—covers your Doctor and Medical Expenses.

For Part B, there is typically a charge and the money is deducted from your social security check once you sign up for Part B.

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Or give us a call and we’ll help explain what’s covered and what’s not covered.

3. Part C—is also called Medicare Advantage.

With Part C, you disenroll from Original Medicare, your coverage is provided by a private insurance company and typically operates like an HMO/PPO network.

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Or give us a call and we’ll help explain how the two programs work.

4. Part D—Prescription Drug Plan

There are a number of drug plans available and it is important that you find one that best fits with the prescription drugs you take. Each Part D plan has a list of drugs covered— called a formulary, so you’ll need to match up with the proper plan.

We’ll help you find the plan that matches your needs the best, explain your options, penalties if you delay coverage and also discuss timing and exceptions to the rules. You can find all of the information online, but we’ll help present only the information that applies to your situation.

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