Medicare Supplement Insurance

Products you can pair up with your Medicare Plan.

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Products you can pair up with your Medicare Plan.

Be aware, Medicare does not cover Dental/ Vision care, Short-Term Recovery care, and Final Expense coverage.

Dental/Vision Care

According to, Medicare does not cover:

  • Routine Dental or Eye Care
  • Dentures, or
  • Hearing Aids or exams for fitting them.

An Affordable Solution: Dental/Vision Insurance

  • Most people lose coverage when they retire
  • It is important to maintain Dental care to avoid costly repairs later
  • Studies show checkups are more likely with insurance
  • Poor dental care can impact your health
  • Dental and Vision benefits can be structured to meet your needs and budget
  • Hearing benefits are available as well

Short-Term Recovery Care

Many of our customers assume that they are always covered for recovery care, whether in a facility or at home, but Medicare benefits are quite restrictive, requiring among other things:

  • A minimum of 3 consecutive days/nights in the hospital
  • The need for skilled nursing care, not the more common recovery care or custodial care.

An Affordable Solution: Short-Term Recovery Care Insurance

  • Provides for home or temporary facility care. Gives you the option to recover at home, or if needed, to be in a facility until you can continue care at home.
  • Designed for recovery care, such as:
    • Hip, Knee Replacement
    • Broken bone
    • Stroke, heart attack, surgery
  • Coverage for up to 360 days
  • This is Not Long Term Care, but can be more affordable
  • Pays directly to you

Final Expense/Income Replacement

Medicare has no life insurance benefit and Social Security offers only a $255 benefit. Senior life insurance, sometimes known as final expense insurance, is different than regular life insurance purchased to protect your family. Following is a summary of the differences:

An Affordable Solution: Final Expense Insurance Coverage

  • Final Expense Insurance coverage = Fast payout, lower amounts. While you may have insurance, investments and other assets, it can be difficult to access cash quickly. Final Expense Insurance plans focus on quick payout to get your beneficiaries the cash they need quickly, and is typically purchased in lower amounts than typical for regular life insurance.
  • Settling an estate takes time. Settling your estate can take time while the needs of your loved ones are immediate. That’s why the focus is on a quick pay with senior life.
  • Cash for immediate needs
    • Funeral costs
    • Travel
    • food
    • lodging for family
    • Cemetery plot, headstone
    • Outstanding bills

To learn more about how these coverages work, and for rates to help you determine which, if any, fit your budget, give us a call. We’ll walk you through the plans and many options available to you. As always, there is no cost or obligation. We simply want to help you understand what is available to you so you can set your priorities.

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