Medicare Supplement Insurance

How can Americare Group help you get the Best Deal on a Medicare Supplement Plan?

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How can Americare Group help you get the Best Deal on a MedicareSupplement Plan?

Getting the best deal starts with getting the right plan. There are 11 MedicareSupplement insurance plans, though many of our customers have only been told about one—which happens to be the most expensive plan. We’ll spend a few minutes with you to understand your needs, health and budget, and then decide together which plan is best for you.

Once we have a plan determined, we’ll research our Rates and Plans Database to find you the best rate from among the many top companies we represent. As an agency representing multiple companies, you have a distinct advantage in finding the right fit for you. One thing is very clear in our experience:

“No one company has all the plans and the best rates in every area.”

It is important to us that you understand how Medicare works, what it covers and does not cover, as well as your rights and options. And we’re willing to spend a few minutes with you to provide you with some insights. The Americare licensed agent you work with will be your agent, no matter which company you choose. So you’ll always have a relationship with trusted source for any questions you may have, now and in the future.

Reasons you may be looking today:

  • New to Medicare?
  • Rate Increase?
  • Losing Coverage?
  • Benefits Changing?
  • Part D?

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