Medicare Supplement Insurance

Finding the Best Rate.

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Finding the Best Rate

We represent many top companies and research our Rates-and-Plans Database to help find you the best deal on the Medicare Supplement insurance plan that works best for you. Some things you should know:

First, All Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are standardized by Medicare—they are exactly the same, by law. However, prices are set by each company and do vary greatly by company and customer location. After a great deal of research and tracking, we’ve clearly found...

“No One Company Has All The Plans And The Best Rates In Every Area.”

That’s why we represent many Top Companies—so we’re not limited to just one company’s plans and rates.

And please note--rates are the same for each company, no matter who sells. Each company files their rates with the state, so for each company’s plan/policy form, you pay the same, whether you purchase through an agency like the Americare Group or go directly to the company.

The difference is we shop across many companies and do the research for you. In fact, Medicare even recommends you shop around. On page 94, section 6 of the 2015 Medicare & You book, it states:

"It's important to compare Medigap policies since the costs can vary and may go up as you get older.” 

(Note: Medigap policies are simply another name for Medicare Supplement Insurance policies)

Call us. We’ll search our Rates-and-Plans Database of the 11 Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans across the many companies we represent to help find the best plan and the best rate for you.

Reasons you may be looking today:

  • New to Medicare?
  • Rate Increase?
  • Losing Coverage?
  • Benefits Changing?
  • Part D?

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