Overview of Your Medicare Rights and Options

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Overview of Your Medicare Rights and Options

How can Americare Group help you get the Best Deal on a Medicare Supplement Plan?

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The 4 Major Parts of Medicare.

Parts A, B, C, and D. Recent changes make it critical for you to understand the difference between coverage under ...

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Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage?

With original Medicare, you have the freedom to choose your doctors, but with Medicare Advantage you may have network ...

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Highlights of Part A and Part B Coverage.

Medicare pays toward hospital and doctor expenses, but leaves you with potentially high risk unless ...

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Which of the 11 Medicare Supplement plans is right for you?

While there are 11 plans, there are only 3 basic types you need to know ...

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Finding the Best Rate.

We represent many top companies and research our database to find you the best deal on the plan that ...

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Products you can pair up with your Medicare plan.

Be aware, Medicare coverage is lacking for some important coverages such as …

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Reasons you may be looking today:

  • New to Medicare?
  • Rate Increase?
  • Losing Coverage?
  • Benefits Changing?
  • Part D?

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