Short-Term Recovery Care Insurance

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Short-Term Recovery Care Insurance

Many of our customers assume that they are covered for recovery care, whether in a facility or at home, but Medicare benefits are quite restrictive, requiring among other things:

  • A minimum of 3 days/nights in the hospital
  • The need for skilled nursing care, not the more common recovery care or custodial care.

An Affordable Solution: Short-Term Recovery Care Insurance

Provides for home or temporary facility care. Gives you the option to recover at home, or if needed, to be in a facility until you can continue care at home.
Designed for recovery care, such as:

  • Hip, Knee Replacement
    • Broken bone
    • Stroke, heart attack, surgery
    • Coverage for up to 360 days
  • This is Not Long Term Care, but can be more affordable
  • Pays directly to you
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