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About Us

Americare Group

You may have noticed by now that we’re not like most companies who offer Medicare Supplement Insurance.

We’re an agency and what that means to you is that we can represent more than a single product or a single company. In fact, we represent many of the top companies. We simply want to be sure you have the opportunity to find the right plan and the best rate and company for your needs.

Another difference is that we think it’s important to take a few minutes and be sure our customers understand how Medicare works, including what’s covered and what’s not covered so you can make a good decision. Our number one concern is that so many people we talk to are confused about how Medicare works.

We want to help you have a Secure Retirement—how can you be secure without a good understanding of your health care plan? Call toll-free today to learn more—1-877-257-2663.

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About Americare Group

Americare Group. We're an insurance agency (technically…); actually we're a team working specifically for retired Americans who are on Medicare. And we get it. For most of our customers, budgets are a bit tighter than when they had regular income. Plus, Medicare and related programs can be confusing. Understanding your rights, the benefits you've earned, meeting each deadline and finding the best value are urgent needs.

However, you also face another crucial decision:

Will you inadvertently enroll in a Medicare supplement insurance plan that is either too expensive or requires too much risk…only to find yourself unhappy with your plan down the road? (Not good) Or will you choose a plan that fits with your particular health care needs? And, frankly, how in the world will you know the difference without talking to countless companies and agents about various plans and rates?? As a Medicare participant, where can you turn for reliable answers? It's true that the Federal government standardized Medicare supplement programs. That means that each of the 11 Medicare Supplement plans are exactly the same, no matter which company offers them. But here's where it gets complicated: While benefits are mandated to be the same across all Medicare supplement plans, which plans they offer and the rates charged are not. The differences can be significant.

According to our analysis, no one company has all of the plans and the best rates in every area. Essentially meaning that from any one company, you could easily be sold the wrong plan for your needs, or pay too much. The difference could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. (Also, not good)

IMPORTANT: You don't have to figure this all out on your own. The Medicare supplement team at Americare Group has already done all the work for you. We can help you determine which plan will be the best fit for you and the best value. In addition, because we represent many companies--from the large national companies you know, to regional companies offering great value--we can do an electronic search to find the best rates in your area. (Unless you really want to talk to a ton of insurance agents on your own)

Choosing the right Medicare Supplement insurance plan when you are on Medicare is critical. It can help you avoid worrying about medical bills in future years. It can help protect your nest egg against the expenses Medicare leaves behind. And the choice can be so clear when you have multiple plans to choose from, each with different benefits and rates. However, as an average American, conducting your own apples-to-apples comparison of multiple plans can be difficult and time-consuming. So we gathered multiple plans and rates to do the analysis for you.

Once your Medicare Supplement plan is in place, you will have additional considerations: We can help with your Part D coverage for prescription drugs, including how to find the best plan for your needs and the deadlines and penalties that can affect you.

Medicare, and therefore, Medicare Supplement coverage provides healthcare coverage, but very limited coverage for the following types of needs. Americare Group makes these coverage options available to pair up with your Medicare Supplement coverage as a way to help with unexpected expenses in the following areas:

  • Dental/Vision insurance, which is not covered by Medicare, can help guard against unexpected major expenses and help ensure you receive regular checkups which can guard against the need for expensive procedures later on. And help with your vision checkups and eyewear.
  • Short-term recovery care insurance, including a home care option. An affordable way to protect yourself from the high costs of short-term nursing care for issues like hip or joint replacement, broken bone or accident, sudden illness, surgery or stroke. Medicare coverage is very restrictive.
  • Term life insurance and final expense insurance, including plans specifically designed to take care of immediate needs for loved ones at a very distressing time. Benefits can be paid in as little as 48 hours, eliminating the concern of settling the estate to receive needed cash.

No one likes to be faced with unexpected expenses. Now you have an affordable way to cover routine care as well as unexpected needs, without placing an undue burden on your budget or your loved ones.

You need to find the best deals you can in retirement. That's why we've done the research to find coverage in these important areas that is very affordable.

And why it's so important to call, toll free 1-877-257-2663 today for a free quote on a Medicare Supplement plan or any of the additional coverage options. There is absolutely no obligation to get a quote and consider if these types of coverage will be a benefit to you. We look forward to talking further with you any time you have needs or questions.

  • Guadalupe
    My agent, Carol, took the time to explain everything rather than just sell me something—there was no pressure at all. She was interested in helping me find the right plan for me and made it easy to understand. Carol is very professional!
    From Texas
  • Grace
    I was very upset with my Medicare and what I needed to do. My agent guided us through everything we needed to know, gave us some options and then worked with not just one company, but several to find us a plan on our budget. I was on the verge of tears and I can't give her enough credit. She also sent her card and checked up on us. Wonderful!
    from Louisiana
  • I did not have good experiences with other companies I spoke with, but Rose Ann was so helpful! She had a thorough knowledge and was very professional and helpful—no pressure at all. Way above anything else I experienced on calls with others!
    from Iowa
  • Hector
    My agent, Carol, helped me with my Medicare Supplement plan and she did such a great job my wife called her when she retired. She treats us like we've known each other a long time. She always gets right back to us if we have a question. The only thing I haven't asked her to do is wash my windows.
    From Texas